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Rarely will you ever hear a company state that they have too many sales personnel. In today’s economy and tight budgets internal sales organizations are scaled down and often find themselves having to juggle many roles in the sales process and some roles are simply neglected. Managing and growing a sales department can be a real balancing act.

At ITMC we hire the best and the brightest. We ensure that the sales professionals assigned to your team are smart enough to understand your business, skilled at selling and getting information, and have the sales and management support they need to continuously improve their skills. Your team also includes a Program Manager, who ensures that you get the very best from ITMC, and who takes responsibility for top level communications between your company and ours.


We aggressively recruit our Sales Professionals using a variety of proven methods that make us very good at finding superior people. We screen all candidates carefully for intelligence, commitment, and sophisticated people skills, taking on only “the best” when building our teams. We also match up the specific technical skills and personal characteristics you may specify.


At ITMC we have a constant agenda for training and motivating our Sales Professionals, We instruct them in:

  • Consultative sales techniques
  • Conceptual, solution, and strategic selling
  • Strategic process and automation
  • Phone and Web use
  • Web based email and calendar
  • Virtual conferencing
  • Intelligent Database Systems
  • Time management
  • Communications techniques that drive action
  • Business etiquette
  • Client-specific project and business information


People are our biggest assets. Our employees have a proven record of success. We wisely invest time in them to motivate, coach and counsel ensuring optimal performance. Team Managers conduct 45- and 90-day one-on-one reviews of their Sales Professionals that are tied to performance and skills ratings.

Programs Communication|

Your Program Manager is an expert in communications and reporting. He or she provides continuous monitoring of the results your team is achieving, and prepares customized reports that suggest specific actions to improve your results and decrease your costs. The Program Manager acts as a virtual part of your staff, keeping their fingers on the pulse of your satisfaction through the entirety of the program.

We also integrate and utilize multiple customer touch points within ITMC to respond to your prospects and customers.

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