A State of Disruption Report: Embrace the Future with ITMC

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A State of Disruption Report: Embrace the Future with ITMC

A New Era of Constant Change

As the saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is the relentless march of time.” In today’s world, this adage takes on new significance. Futurist Peter Diamandis aptly stated, “The only constant is change, and the rate of change is accelerating.” In 2024, this insight is more relevant than ever. Businesses must adapt and thrive or face obsolescence. The meteoric rise of e-commerce giants, the revolution of streaming services, and the transformation of traditional industries are clear indicators: transform or perish.

Navigating Disruption in Enterprise Tech

At ITMC, we understand the dynamic landscape of technology. Our comprehensive 2024 State of Disruption Report guides enterprise leaders through the maze of technological advancement, offering a roadmap to success in this era of constant disruption.

Key Insights from the 2024 Survey
Our survey, gathering insights from senior enterprise decision-makers across Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Consulting, reveals how companies navigate the fast-paced world of technology. The strategic role of IT investments in driving growth, reducing costs, enhancing team efficiency, and securing assets is highlighted.

Measuring the Pulse of Innovation
Today’s technology buyers are savvy, looking for solutions that deliver tangible business benefits. Our report identifies the technologies poised for significant growth and adoption in 2024:

SASE & SD-WAN: Driving Connectivity

-Growth Trajectory: 60% of companies plan to increase SD-WAN usage, with an additional 15% expecting to move toward full SASE adoption, especially in mid-sized companies.

-Benefits: SASE combines WAN capabilities with comprehensive network security functions, including secure web gateways, firewall as a service, and zero-trust network access. This integration enhances security, improves performance, reduces costs, and offers scalability and flexibility. As a result, businesses are recognizing the strategic advantage of adopting these technologies.

Tech Advisors: Guiding Through Complexity

Rising Importance: Two-thirds of respondents utilize Tech Advisors, highlighting their critical role in navigating complex technology landscapes.

UCaaS: Unified Communications on the Rise

Pandemic-Driven Surge: Interest in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) surged by 86% due to remote work trends. However, bandwidth issues remain a barrier for some organizations today.

MPLS: Enduring Relevance

Continued Use: Despite the rise of SD-WAN, 59% of respondents intend to increase MPLS usage, indicating its ongoing importance in network core infrastructures.

CCaaS: Enhancing Customer Interactions

Rapid Adoption: Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is gaining traction, particularly in Healthcare and Financial Services, driven by AI enhancements and improved customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation: A Strategic Imperative
Digital transformation is no longer optional. Companies across industries are leveraging technology for competitive advantage. Our findings indicate:

– High Adoption Rates: Verticals like Consulting, Healthcare, Retail, and Financial Services lead in digital transformation efforts.

– Size Matters: Larger organizations are more likely to have detailed digital transformation strategies compared to smaller counterparts.

Tech Advisors: A Catalysts for Change
Internal IT teams often lack the expanded resources with expertise required to manage evolving infrastructures. Tech Advisors fill this gap by providing specialized knowledge and support:

– Broad Support: 64% of companies rely on Tech Advisors for cloud services, security, and network infrastructure.

– Decision-Making Role: Advisors help with technology selection and implementation, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Leaders vs. Laggards: Industry Insights
Our survey classifies companies into Leaders (innovators) and Laggards (those trailing behind). Key observations include:

– Innovation Leaders:  High Tech and Construction/Engineering sectors report the highest number of leaders.

– Challenges for Healthcare: Healthcare faces unique hurdles, primarily due to stringent security and compliance requirements.

SD-WAN and MPLS: Evolving Network Solutions

– Vertical Adoption: SD-WAN adoption is robust across various industries, reflecting its growing importance in modern network strategies.

– Revenue-Based Trends: Larger companies are leading the charge in SD-WAN implementation, while MPLS remains vital for core network functions.

UCaaS and CCaaS: The Future of Communication

– UCaaS Growth: The shift to UCaaS continues, driven by remote work needs and cloud adoption. Bandwidth issues are a primary concern for hesitant adopters.

– CCaaS Expansion: AI-driven enhancements in CCaaS are accelerating adoption, particularly in customer-centric industries.

IaaS: Scalable and Flexible Infrastructure
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offers scalable, on-demand computing power. Our findings show significant growth potential as businesses seek to reduce legacy data center costs and complexities.

Join the ITMC Revolution
The insights from our 2024 State of Disruption Report highlight the dynamic and ever-changing nature of enterprise technology. At ITMC, we guide companies through disruption with expert advice, innovative solutions, and unparalleled support.

Join our team and be a part of driving the future of enterprise technology. Visit our careers page at www.ITMC.com/careers.

Transform with ITMC. Embrace the future. Innovate. Lead. Thrive.

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