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Advisory Board Positions in High-Impact Tech Transformations at ITMC

Are you a visionary leader with a passion for transformative tech solutions? ITMC is now extending special invitations to explore our Advisory Board positions, where your strategic insights will not only drive our big-ticket tech transformations but also contribute to the success of our organization.

About Us:

ITMC isn’t just a tech company; we’re architects of innovation, committed to revolutionizing the tech landscape. We’re on the lookout for an experienced professionals to join our Advisory Board, playing a key role in shaping the future of high-impact tech transformations.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

Tech Enthusiast: A passion for technology and fueled by a commitment to driving transformative change.

Inspirational Leader: Your leadership style empowers teams, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

Strategic Communicator: Your communication skills are a strategic asset, capable of navigating complex solutions with ease.

Mature & Principled: Your approach is mature, principled, and aligned with our values of integrity and purpose.

Advisory Board Responsibilities:

Strategic Vision: Provide strategic guidance to shape ITMC’s vision for transformative tech solutions.

Team Empowerment: Empower and inspire the organization with your visionary leadership, fostering growth and innovation.

Business Development: Drive business development strategies, particularly in high-impact, big-ticket tech transformations.

Client Engagement: Collaborate with clients on transformative solutions, ensuring operational excellence and success.

What Sets You Apart:

Honesty & Integrity: Your commitment to honesty and integrity is unwavering.

Semi-Retired Visionary: As a semi-retired professional, you seek significance in the tech industry’s transformative landscape.

Strategic Visionary: You possess a visionary mindset, able to see the potential impact of big-ticket tech solutions.

Advisory Leadership: Guide and advise the organization in navigating inbound business and scaling operations for transformative solutions.

What We Offer:

Flexible Contribution: Make a significant impact on your terms, leveraging the power of flexibility.

Purposeful Leadership: Drive success as a key advisor, contributing to the meaningful growth of the tech industry.

Strategic Impact: Play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of ITMC’s transformative solutions.

Contribution-based Recognition: Be recognized for your advisory contributions with a strategic role on our Board.

Why ITMC? Join a forward-thinking organization that values leadership, flexibility, and purpose-driven work. If you’re ready to make a significant impact in the tech industry, drive transformative solutions, and contribute strategically to ITMC’s success, consider our Advisory Board position

Ready to shape the future? Send your resume and a “what compells you” cover letter to Careers@itmc.com

We look forward to all the possibilities of combining our leadership potential and navigating the future of tech at ITMC.

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