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ITMC has the distribution infrastructure and state-of-the-art customer contact technologies. We continue to support our employees and our client relationships with the best resources in the industry. Internally we use these technological tools to integrate all our customer/prospect contact touch points. Externally we use them to integrate our activities with those of your existing sales, marketing, and customer development teams.

Touchpoint Integration

The more ways your prospects and customers have to respond to your programs, the more responses you’ll most likely get, so ITMC handles phone, email, and online responses with equal priority. Our technology allows any available Sales Professional on your team to respond to any of those mediums, because all three kinds of responses are channeled to the team immediately. This seamless workflow ensures that your prospects and customers will be attended to quickly as possible by someone very qualified to assist them.

Integration with our systems

ITMC can provide your database solution, we will work with you to ensure that the database captures all the pertinent information required for reporting and providing the data your program initiatives require. We will help develop a lead rating structure that complements your sales process, as well as custom fields and qualification questions specific to your products and services. Your teams will receive several points of access to information so that even though it’s not an in-house system, it will feel like it.

Integration with your systems

ITMC is technologically flexible enough to integrate with your existing business systems, enabling us to deliver leads and business intelligence directly to your marketing, sales, and customer development teams. There’s no need for them to adapt to a proprietary customer contact technology, or to learn any new procedures. We will do the adapting, seamlessly integrating our systems with yours, so the information your teams need will appear exactly where they need it.

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