The ITMC Methodology

We promise you our very best, so we take extraordinary measures in three important areas to make sure we deliver our best:


It takes people who are a step above to follow through on a complex selling process or to sell complex products and services. So we find intelligent people, test their people skills, teach them a lot about business and sales and phone techniques, work with you to educate them about your company, provide them with the best sell side tools and put them to work in dedicated teams. Then we monitor performance continuously to help them improve.


We have solid processes in place to support our people and our relationship with you. Our implementation process is thorough and clearly defined. Our performance monitoring process ensures that your ITMC team is working in top condition. Our reporting process delivers not only metrics that assure you we’re doing our job, but actionable business information that drives your sales, marketing, and customer development programs to new levels of efficiency and success.


We have built a technology infrastructure and knowledge systems that enables your ITMC team to be very agile and quickly deliver intelligent information directly to you. Whether we build a database for you or hook into your existing one, we take full advantage of the systems in place to drive marketing, sales, and customer development efforts through multiple channels. We also integrate and utilize multiple customer touch points within ITMC to respond to your prospects and customers.

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