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We deploy the best teleprofessionals, managers, and technical staff in the business, but in order for them to work efficiently together, and for ITMC to work effectively with your organization, we need to adhere to well-thought-out ways of doing things, from implementation through service delivery and beyond.


To get your program up and running quickly and effectively (2-4 weeks is our goal), we use a well-thought-out three-phase implementation process that covers all the bases and ensures that each step will happen in a timely manner:

Phase I | Validation

- Define partnership model and prioritize issues
- Establish escalation process
- Confirm Timeline and staffing needs
- Determine optimum feedback loops
- Confirm client and ITMC training agendas, methodology, and schedule

Phase II | Validation

- Recruit and hire (or assign) high-quality personnel for engagement team
- Train new hires in sales methodology and ITMC process and technology
- Test and certify new hires to ensure they meet ITMC’s high standards
- Develop client-specific technologies and processes
- Train certified team members in client products and services, culture, processes, and technology
- Test all deliverables and conduct final test under client observation

Phase III | Production

- Make calls
- Log data
- Pass leads
- Analyze data for business intelligence
- Deliver customized reports and ongoing feedback on progress of program


To keep you continually in the loop about our activities and about the success of our programs, we offer a variety of reports that help you measure results and evaluate our engagement. These reports go far beyond, the typical metrics reported by traditional telemarketing and call centers that focus mainly on – call connects, average talk time, average answer time, and so on. Our reporting provides detailed and actionable business intelligence.

ITMC’s reports include:

- Standard reports that are based on the objectives and goals of each of our standard programs and can be adapted to suit the information and frequency-of-delivery requirements of your program.

- Quarterly reports that are delivered every three months to your senior management to summarize and evaluate our engagement for that period and to ensure that our goals and objectives are mapped to your evolving needs.

- Yearly reports that are delivered on the anniversary of your engagement with ITMC, and summarize the year’s activity to help you prepare next year’s revenue goals, budgeting process, and success metrics while suggesting ways to adapt the program in place, or anticipating a program to carry the work further.

Custom reports can also be developed by our Report Analyst when you have information and frequency-of-delivery requirements that cannot be satisfied by adapting our standard reports.
*Please note that the lead times and costs of these reports are quoted separately upon report request

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